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Hi my name is Brian, and I'm an entrepreneur, Raido Host, Devoted Dad, Devoted Husband, Father, Techy, App Guy, Programmer, Advertiser, and Business Owner. I work hard play hard and study hard. I work from home and own several businesses. One day I was sitting in my yard in a chaise lounge chair checking up on some ads and campaigns watching my wife plant a treet and I accidentally ran accross a video on youtube by Jim Carrey. This video kind of switched something in my brain. I like to say it turned on a light switch. I started taking notes writing faster than I have ever written. I played it again and again taking notes pausing it thinking about what I just heard. After that video I was inspired to create a movement called Freedom From Concern. Freedom From Concern is simply an idea, its an idea that is bringing awareness to people in the everyday struggles of Reality. Teaching people to turn off the media find their purpose in life find a bigger why find a reason to be happy. We do this through personal development and knowledge, books, training, articles, Lost audio files and more .

I had previously been in a Napoleon Hill mastermind community and I thought you know what I can do this to. I can do this! and I can help transform millions of lives and help thousands of people Grow! So I created Freedom From Concern, you can Google it you can search it on Facebook and join our free facebook group for entrepreneurs personal development junkies or even just to find a purpose in life or your why. You can even go to sound cloud or iTunes and listen to our Radio Show podcast Freedom From Concern by the Freedom Ninjas Brian Brown and Big Paulie. Now my newest project Palm Beach Mastermind. Our Palm Beach Mastermind is a community of leaders .mentors, and coaches. We just want to help people. Our goal is simple. It is to help people and share our resources and knowledge with others. I admit I have to confess to something I have a hidden agenda of trying to help people learn more about God and the power and significance to prayer. Specifically the value of prayer and the power of prayer and how haveing faith and prayer can impact your live and the lives of others. I'm not an extreme evangelists or anything like that I just have learned through many years of personal development through Napoleon Hill, Kevin Trudeau, Jim Rohn Robert Hollis and several other Mentors Speakers Coaches and also some very untra successful millionaires that there truly is something to the power of intention and prayer.

Now of course you need a plan and you need a vision and you need a purpose. You cannot just pray for something and have it show up. You have to pray for something know what you want and work towards that what you want with a definite purpose strong Faith and an ultimate goal with complete faith in your creator whoever that is, that you believe they have the power to to create change. It's Our deepest wish at Freedom From Concern that you listen to our Show Freedom From Concern and you connect with us on facebook. Ask us about our Palm Beach Mastermind Community and how you can truly find a passion to help others!

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